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Uniquely designed for your favourite team, please select your favourite design and the colour backing you wish and let us do the rest!  Displayed text is produced using a contrasting colour to the background display.  Please ensure you spell your display address CORRECTLY.  


All our designs come in either BLACK back or SILVER backed, please note the colour of the wording will be in a CONTRASTING colour.  If you have any queries before ordering, please ask.


Please also confirm your delivery address if different from the displayed address.


Simple DIY fitment, stand off fixings and instructions included.   


Size 200mm x 130mm


Please note these are produced using high quality acrylics and long life exterior vinyl graphics, they are not etched.

Please note this product is not in any way offered as official merchandise.

Leeds United House Sign - Centenary Badge

Text Colour (please choose a contrasting colour)
  • Where required, please upload your artwork using the button below.


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