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Smart Signage is becoming more and more popular in many settings across the UK & Europe, especially with the roll out of ‘track & trace’.  Smart adaptive signage allows the sign to interact with any customer with a NFC enabled device.

Most mobile phones now carry the capability to read QR codes and interact seamlessly with printed signage without the need for inputting information, it works very much like ‘Apple Pay’ or your contactless credit/debit card payments.

Printed signage & posters coupled with this brand new technology gives endless permutations..  Most popular uses for corporate designed graphics with this technology allows your customer to seamlessly...

  • Tap to view content of your choice (from a URL)

  • Tap  for Wi-fi

  • Tap to purchase an item

  • Tap to contact

  • Tap to follow – such as facebook, instagram etc

  • Tap to like

  • Tap to tweet

  • Tap to review – trip advisor for example

Particularly clever is exhibition signage, this would allow a potential client waiting or passing your stand to not only tap to view an introductory video of your product but to register an interest.  This would allow businesses to follow who had been and gauge interest in certain products over others.

All our NFC enabled smart signage come pre-programmed to work with your in house software and online presence.  Be one step ahead of the game – make your signage work for you!

All our NFC adapted signage can be produced individually for your business.  Our signs will also work alongside ‘track & trace’ QR code technology.

For further information on our upcoming range of standardised signs or to discuss how we can work with your business please give us a call on 01937 833477 or drop us  message with our contact button.

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