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Our high quality number plates are made using the latest in printing technologies and are all fully compliant to the latest BS AU 145e regulations, fully legal for road and MOT use.


Made from oralite reflective blanks, our plates are highly reflective, hard wearing and power wash proof, whichever style you choose.


In a crackdown against cloned cars and plates, the law stringently requires us to inspect a form of identification along with your proof of entitlement before your number plates can be manufactured.


Documents from the list below can initially be accepted as an emailed clear photograph or scan of the original documents, however please be aware that we still need to verify these documents upon collection in order for the plates to be released.  


This should be emailed to us once you have paid for your plates online. 

Please be sure to include your details, vehicle registration number and our generated invoice number.


Proof of identity can be given by us seeing any of the following documents:

A:  Driving Licence

B:  Utility, telephone or council tax bill

C:  Bank or building society statement

D:  Passport

E:  Foreign National Identity Card

F:  Debit or Credit Card

G:  A police warrant card

H:  Armed forced identity card


Proof of entitlement can be demonstrated by providing the following:

1:  Registration Certificate (V5C)

2:  tear off slip V5C/2 section 10 of the V5C

3:  Certificate of entitlement to mark (V750)

4:  Cherished transfer retention document (V778)

5:  Vehicle licence renewal form (V11)

6:  Temporary registration certificate

7:  Authorisation certificate (V948) with DVLA stamp

8:  A letter of authorisation from fleet operators (inc lease/hire company quoting V5C ref number

9:  Record of the insureres name, policy ref no for authorised repairs on behalf of a insurance co.




How long can I expect to wait for my number plates?

Plates will be produced within 48 hours for collection.


I do not see the size I require, can you accommodate?

We can produce oversize plates, please allow extra time for collection of anything other than standard oblong prints.


Can I supply my own artwork?

Sorry, no. All our plates are manufactured using set software, it will not allow us to break the law and produce plates that are not compliant. 1 November 2008, the law changed making it illegal for plate manufacturers to supply a plate with a VRM (vehicle registration mark) that does not comply with legislation. Anybody that does supply a plate which is not legal is breaking the law themselves.


Are you registered with the DVLA to make number plates?

Yes, we are on the Register of  Number Pate Suppliers (RNPS)  Our registration number is: 68288.


Will my number plates arrive pre-drilled?

These will not come drilled, screw kits and pads are available.


Can I cancel my order?

Number plates are a bespoke item and are made especially for you and nobody else. At Tadsigns,  we start on an order as soon as it is received. Because of this it is not possible to cancel or amend an order which has been placed on either the internet or the telephone. You should be sure when placing an order that you do in fact wish to place one and that you place it correctly using all the correct details.


Can I order by phone?

Of course,  If you do not wish to order online, please do call us on 01937 833477 (office hours) and we will be more than happy to take your order by telephone with your credit/debit card as payment.  We will still require a copy of your documentation to make the plates, the original documents have to be verified by us before we can release the number plates to you upon collection.


Can you show me a design before you make the plates?

Yes and we're happy to do this for you. However, to deter time wasters we do not carry out any design work without an order first being in place and payment details taken. You call us on 01937 833477 (office hours), we'll take the order from you on the phone and then email you the design as many times as it takes till you approve it. 


When can I collect my plates?

Your plates will be usually made within 48 hours.  Once your plates are made, we will either call or email you to let you know they are ready for collection, along with a suitable time.  You will need to bring with you the original supporting documentation supplied us to manufacture the number plates.  Your number plates cannot be released without this.  Please be aware that your number plates can only be collected by the person who made the order.


Will you make plates with an illegal spacing?

To mis-space or misrepresent the digits on number plates is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 1971.  We will space the digits legally and the plate/s you order will be despatched with the correct & legal spacing of digits as set out by law.


Can I order a single number plate and not a pair?

Of course you may, please enter the front/rear option box when ordering your plates.  


Can I order multiple sets of number plates in one order?

Of course, please alter the quantity volume to your desired amount.  Please note only ONE vehicle registration mark is permitted per online order, if you have several numbers please order and supply the relevant documentation separately.


Will the number plates show the makers details and the legal markings 'BSAU145e?

Yes, our plates will show these markings because this is what the UK law requires for plates which are used in the UK. People seem to think that we put these markings on the number plates because it gives us free advertising. This is most certainly not the case. We put these markings on there because it is required by law and your car could very well fail an MOT without these markings.

The markings are only approximately 2.5mm high and although they can be read, they are really small and do not interfere with the plates design. The markings have to be on plates made by companies within the UK for plates used within the UK to assist the police in the reduction of car cloning. If a set of our number plates are used in crime then the police know who made them and they will come to us to ask who they were sold to.

4D Acrylic Compliant Number Plates (Front - Rear - Pair)